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Name of the organisation shall be ‘REGIONAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION, INDIA’ being Indian section of Regional Science Association which has its headquarters at the Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

The Registered Office of the Indian Section of the Association will be situated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. It will have several branch offices at the important centres of our country. The Calcutta office will be situated at C.M.P.O., 18 RabindraSarani (2nd floor), Calcutta -1. The Delhi office will be situated at School of Planning and Architecture, IndraPrastha Estate. The other branch offices will be at Gokhale Institute of Politics, Poona and University of Mysore, Mysore etc.

The objects for which the Society is established are:

  • To disseminate and to develop further the tools of analysis developed by the International Association.
  • To apply the tools to the concrete problems of India and in the process, if necessary, modify the existing tools and develop new ones required for analysing the specific situation in India or in any of its different regions. These latter tools of analysis may have a general relevance in many developing countries like India.
  • To promote acquaintance and discussion among its members and with scholars in related fields.
  • To stimulate research and empirical studies for throwing light on the concrete problems of regional development of India.
  • To organise exhibition, encourage publications of scholarly papers, monographs and Journals.
  • To perform services in order to aid the advancement of its members and the field of regional science.
  • To undertake social and techno-economic surveys singly or in association with others at its own initiative or at the request of some Governmental or Academic organisations.
  • To help in the formation by Government of appropriate regional development policies including framing legislations for preparing regional plans implementation.
  • To collect donations, subscriptions and to receive grants for the purpose of the Society.
  • To do any other thing as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.

Founder Members of Regional Science Association, India in 1967


  • Late Prof. V.N. Prasad, Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

  • Vice-President:

  • Late Prof. S.N. Sen Vice-Chancellor, University of Calcutta, Kolkata.
  • Late Prof. L.R. Vagale, Head of the Department of Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.
  • Late Prof. V.L.S. Prakasa Rao, Head of the Department of Human Geography, Delhi University, New Delhi.

  • Secretaries:

  • Prof. C.R. Pathak, Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  • Prof. A.N. Bose,Industrial Economist, Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organisation, Calcutta.

  • Disclaimer: Changes in the constitution has been made at Annual General Body Meeting through the years with at least two-third of the voting members present at the meeting.