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Authors Guideline

Guideline for Authors

The Indian Journal of Regional Science is devoted to the publication of original research work in Regional Science and Development planning. Each volume of the journal is published in two issues. Paper already published elsewhere shall not be accepted for publication in the journal, and published papers cannot be reproduced elsewhere without permission. It is listed in UGC journals and is a peer reviewed membership journal.

Instructions for the Contributors:

  • The paper intended for publication should be sent to the Managing Editor, one hard copy either by post or by e-mail with CD for soft copy.
  • An Abstract, which must accompany each paper, should be short and indicative only of the scope and major findings of the paper.
  • Manuscripts must be word processed using LaTeX of MS Word front size 12.
  • After typing, the paper must be edited by some experts. Equations, symbols, etc. if necessary, should be clearly handwritten.
  • Maps and figures for illustration should be laser-printed or drawn on a smooth tracing paper in deep black ink. Grey shades must not be used in maps and illustrations. Maps and illustrations should be supplied in floppies or CDs. Appropriate legends should accompany all figures. A map or figure including labels and caption must fit within an area of 8.1’’ X 6”.
  • Papers should not be loaded with statistical tables that can perhaps be avoided for a journal publication.
  • All tables, maps, etc. should be placed at the end of the paper, after References, if any.
  • References must be in alphabetical order (surname first, year of publication within brackets, etc.) and must strictly follow the standard bibliographical norms.
  • The maximum length of a paper should be within 15 double-space typed pages including all Tables, References etc. on one side of A4 size paper.
  • Books for review should be sent in duplicate.
  • All authors need to be members of the Association.

Availability of the Journal:

Individuals who are Members of Regional Science Association, India will get the Journal free of cost. Membership fee of the Regional Science Association, India are- Ordinary Members: 2660/-(Annual); Student Members: 2560/-(Annual); Life Members: 11160/-(10 years); Foreign Life Members: US $400 (10 years). Institutional Membership fee is Rs. 15,000/- minimum, for a period of 10 years. Annual Membership fee is due in January every year and renewed automatically by payment. One can have an online subscription of the journal through indiaqnjournals.com by paying INR 2,000/$150 per every back issue at http://www.indianjournals.com/ijor.aspx?target=publisher&type=248

The Association appeals to all the Indian members (old and new) to donate a sum of Rs.6,000/- towards Journal Endowment Fund. Foreign members may donate US $400.

Membership fees are payable through M.O./ Bank Draft/Cheque on S.B.I Calcutta to the Association.

All correspondence regarding membership and subscription to the Journal should be addressed to Dr. C. R. Pathak, Regional Science Association, India, CK-134, Sector-II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700091. Ph. (91) 33-23583927, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected] Website: www.rsai.org.in

The objectives of Reginal Science Association, India, are to develop the tools of Regional Analysis and to encourage the application of such tools in the formulation and solution of problems of regional development. These objectives are sought to be realised by encouraging publication of research paper, reports, journals and monographs; undertaking research investigations and empirical studies, organising/sponsoring national and international level Conferences and Seminars regularly and by rendering services to the cause of advancement of learning in the applied fields of regional science.