DATE: 28 January 2016

The Department of Geography and the Regional Science Association of India hosted the International Conference of the 47thRegional Science Association, India. It was also the Platinum Jubilee of the Department of Geography, University of Calcutta.

The theme of the conference was Urbanisation and Regional Sustainability ,with a focus upon the ongoing debates in contemporary crisises of development concentrating upon the urban economy. While the crisis adapts varied dimensions, the emphasis was to bring out the major issues in the current trends of growth that concern researchers in the field of regional science. The concerns on green growth and de-growth have led to the paradigm shift from traditional growth-development approaches and the need for understanding the political economy that overshadowed purely economic or social concerns. The geographers are seeking to crystallise their subject matter and question the very notion of “what constitutes geography?” as the interdisciplinary horizons widen. The intention was to bring such debates to the table and have fruitful discussions that help to identify boundaries and opine on the present issues as social scientists and spatial scientists. Venue:The CRNN (technology campus), University of Calcutta, Acharya Prafulla Ray ShikshaPrangan JD 2, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700 098



DATE: 23 August 2016

TEuropean Regional Science Association (ERSA) is the largest supra-regional science association covered under the umbrella of the Regional Science Association International (RSAi). With around 1,000 participants every year from all continents, the ERSA congresses have become the largest academic conferences in regional science worldwide.The 56th edition of the ERSA Congress was held at Vienna, 23-26 August, 2016. The Umbrella topic for the Congress was ‘CITIES & REGIONS: SMART, SUSTAINABLE, INCLUSIVE?’. Dr. (Prof.) Chittaranjan Pathak, Secretary, and Dr (Prof.) SumanaBandyopadhyay, Vice-president, Regional Science Association, India were invited to the Congress.

Prof.Chittaranjan Pathak, chaired a session – Innovations in Space and also presented his paper, Challenges of Smart Cities in India. Prof.SumanaBandyopadhyay, presented a paper, Planning for Neighbourhood Changes in Kolkata (India): In search of ways to reduce Social Distance and Stress under the session – Regional and Urban Policy, Planning and Governance. Best Practices.

Venue: Vienna University of Economics and Business, Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria.

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