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The Golden Jubilee conference of Regional Science Association of India  was held in collaboration with Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE), Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulatory Commission (MPPURC), Bhopal, on 20-22 February 2019.

United Nation publishes Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) which aims at the High Level Political Forum. Science-policy interfaces refer to the many ways in which scientists, policy-makers and other stakeholders link up to communicate, exchange ideas and jointly develop knowledge to enrich policy and decision-making processes and research (Young, J.C., et al.). The 2015 GSDR underlined the importance of utilizing these linkages to identify emerging issues across the whole spectrum of sustainable development, including its social and economic dimensions (United Nation). This whole spectrum of sustainable development comprises of issues such as social and environmental paradigm of sustainability, expansion of urbanized regions, changing composition of informal sector of economy and many others.

The focal theme was on Emerging Regional Issues and Sustainability , with a view to provide new light on the complexity and interconnectivity of emerging issues, in the process strengthening the science policy interface and possibly leading to more timely responses to emerging threats or the exploitation of new opportunities. The regular scanning and multidisciplinary analyses of emerging issues from different levels and perspectives is important and should be maintained as a necessary and useful early warning system for the science policy interface. There is scope for enhanced dialogue between scientists, social scientist and policy-makers in considering both the processes by which emerging issues as well as the substantive character of issues that – out of the plethora ofeme rging issues (UNGSDR).